Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I was back to my home after completing my b tech degree. I was placed in a multinational software company. Days were really boring for me as I had to pass 60 odd of them before my joining.     After having my lunch containing fish-curry, one of my favorite dishes prepared by my mom, I went to the nearby park. I relished there for a while after interacting with the natural beauty. Within minutes, I was near our colony's library following the essence of a beautiful girl. The girl looked awesome and became my 22nd love within moments. I was going to be 22 , next march. My love entered the library while I was planning to enter her heart. After picking the same book with fish's picture on the cover, i sat near her in the reading room. Virtual weeds of success in love were visible on my face and I became busy with the book.

"   I am not well educated, but the deity has graced me with some different thoughts not present at all in my family members and in my locality. I am a fisherman from birth but my ancestors struggle and hard labour has made me to own the biggest fish-shop of my city. Hundreds of fishermen work for me. I am fond of animals, fishes and speechless creatures with a dilemma that I involve myself in killing of fishes and then make money. My responsibilities towards my family and respect for my ancestors make me helpless; otherwise I would have left this business many years ago. Lack of proper education and large unemployment spread in our country are other factors that have made me stuck with this business. Sometimes, I feel elated while interacting with good and educated people who often come to my shop. Along with money, I also gain some intellectual knowledge from these people. The sight of fishes getting killed really makes me feel low.' IF ANYONE IS WEAK, THEN CRUSH IT IF ITS END ADDS ANYTHING IN SATISFYING YOUR NEED' It seems that we all are following this principle. We may have to face consequences when someone stronger than us will rise against us while protecting the weaker species including fishes too. Few months ago, I met with Chandan kr sharma. He was a nice guy and regular customer of my shop. We became close friends very soon and used to share lot of personal matters. He worked here in Mangalore in a multinational company as the project manager. Mr and Mrs Sharma celebrated there 1st navratra here. I still remember the day, when after the end of durga-pooja Chandan came to my shop for inviting me and purchasing fishes for the party. He was recently promoted and was throwing a small party to his close friends including me. I was excited for eating the delicious fish-curry prepared by Tanya (Mrs Sharma).She had got an Excellency in cooking. Chandan and Tanya were one of the best married couples. Both respected each other’s feeling and compelled other married couples to feel jealous of their perfect life. Chandan was perfectly balancing his personal and professional life. Shreya was also invited in the dinner by Chandan. She worked under him in the company and was one of his best friends. She was really a beauty with which everyone around would like to be attached and adore the deity’s finest gift to her. People were crazy about her and were ready to do anything just for being in the realm of her essence for a long duration. She also accompanied intelligence of good level with her. Her good work and simplicity influenced Chandan too and very soon they became good friends. Tanya was fond of Shreya too and they were very good friends. Tanya's love filled food enhanced the essence of the dinner at such a high level in the party that we had no words left in praising her. The evening became more special to us when bhabhi ji announced that she was going to be a proud mother very soon. It was one of the best moments of Chandan's life and he wanted to live each and every part of that moment. We did fun for hours after the dinner. Few days later Chandan and Tanya went to Dubai for enjoying holidays.
                                                            I had never expected that it was the last time I was going to meet the Sharmas when, I went to see-off them at the airport with Shreya. They lost their lives in a plane crash along with 158 passengers while returning to Mangalore near the airport. The news was a shock for many houses of this city. I broke in tatters after the incident. I had lost my best friend who gave me a place in his pure heart and today my heart was feeling the absence of its real pal. Shreya was completely broken and after few days she left the city along with the job. Today after a span of 1 month, many people have forgotten the incident. I have lost contact with Shreya too. But, I feel unable to forget Chandan and bhabhi ji. Their happy faces always come in my dream making me restless all the time. I still don't know what made these 158 people and their families to suffer without their fault. Does the super powerful nature that created us along with the other species have started to take revenge with us in consequence of what we did to its weaker children? I don't know exactly what is happening. But these thoughts have forged a fear inside me which haunts me even during my sleep. Even my lungs fear while accepting the oxygen necessary for my survival. My soul makes me responsible in the death of Chandan and other people as a consequence of my involvement in killing fishes. My images in the mirror are commanding me to suffer alone and save other innocent people from the consequences in the coming future.

                                                                                    Finally today, I have decided that I must suffer, must suffer alone...................................".""""

I was shocked after reading this and became completely stagnant when I saw that there was no one except me in the reading room. I was not reading a book of fish's picture on the cover rather, was reading a news magazine. The page, which I was reading contained report on the recent plane crash and next page containing suicidal report of a fisherman who died after a month of the crash. I was really scared till then and hurried to my home with many unanswered questions flowing in my brain.

I was feeling unable to answer them and there was really no one who would really trust my description of the incident, I came few minutes ago and help me in any way. After reaching home safely I checked on internet about Chandan, Shreya and Tanya. Chandan and Tanya sharma really died in the plane crash. I screamed and became motionless for hours when I found my 22nd love to be Shreya and she died few days ago in a car accident.
                                                          MIHIR KUMAR CHOUDHARY



  1. ausum...really an immortal story...hats off to u...

  2. need to say that u have improved ur english by leaps n bounds..but wat is more fascinating is the flow n pinch of curiosity which wud keep the reader glued to ur story "fisherman" till the end...well written bro..keep it up!!!!

  3. da....what to say...this one's a true masterpiece....with no doubt in my mind i can say that this one was one its kind and kept playing with my curiosity as it unfolded.......

    a gaint leap ahead of the last one.a lot lot better.

  4. i wish i had some of ur imaginations...God bless u..keep ur imagination bloom to its fullest..waiting for another..:)

  5. very curious story but i think its too short. this only a suggestion otherwise u r osum no doubt.
    keep going
    Raja(Ratnesh Thakur)

  6. Are you a story writer or is that a true incident what happened with you because i found your story to be fake and senseless, also the prior thing what struck to me is your way of making fun and disrespect for the people who died in the plane crash that morning. Mr. B.Tech doing B.Tech is nothing, if you really want to serve your country then do something instead of writing story that too sense less.

    And for your Kind information, here is the list of the passengers who boarded the plane that crashed:

  7. dear readers, i am here declaring that this story is my complete work of fiction and my imagination. The characters of this story does not resemble any real people. I am sorry to all the people who feel hurted in any way after reading my story and relating it to the plane crash . I have just used the real incident to give my fiction a realistic touch . I respect the sentiments of all the people who were really affected from the incident ,but I never meant to hurt them. please accept my story just as my work of fiction and not sure of all the people but many readers have really appreciated the theme of my story and i am really glad for them. Thanks for reading it.

  8. @Mihir
    How are you?Read your post.
    Keep it up.I got your link from Sir blog.

    Best Regards
    fmXT family member of BIGB Blog.

  9. well,well,well...... do we have a chetan bhagat amidst us in BCREC????????